I  can’t say enough good things about the Goat Squad. I highly recommend them as a way to solve your problem of overrun plant invasion! We really didn’t know what to expect save for the toxic free removal of the wild ivy, Virginia creeper and aggressive vines covering the borders of our yard. Wow, the Squad reclaimed a third of our property and now we are energized to landscape and enjoy it. The goats are also so fun to have around: very gentle and playful and all so entertaining to watch! The neighborhood kids (children!) are still excited and keep asking when the goats are coming back. One is determined to have the Squad to his 6th birthday part! Thank you Diana for bringing your furry gang over to help us unbury and bring joy to our environment! We WILL have you ALL back! We miss them!

High regards,
Debbie George
Charlotte, NC


Wow….. The goats were amazing and our yard looks fabulous. The Goat Squad is a highly professional operation, both in their approach to vegetation removal and their knowledge of goats, invasive plants and landscaping. We expected to get rid of our english ivy and poison ivy, but had no idea the Goat Squad would be helping us devise a strategy for preventing regrowth and advising us on beautiful native plants and landscaping. They even followed up with a list of shade plants to replace the english ivy removed by the goats. I can honestly say they provided the most thoughtful and thorough customer service I have ever received. They care a lot about what they do and it shows!

Beth Habecker
Durham, NC


WE LOVE THE GOAT SQUAD! Great job and outstanding service. Thank you so much.

John Penberthy
Raleigh, NC