Our Mission

The mission of The Goat Squad is to:

  • offer an eco-friendly method of vegetation removal
  • help people replace their invasive and unwanted vegetation with sustainable native plants
  • provide outstanding customer service
  • raise awareness about how the products we use impact natural systems
  • introduce people to our herd of remarkably useful, friendly and endearing goats


About Diana Tetens, Owner

ProfilePhotoThe Goat Squad was founded in September 2012 by Diana Tetens. As a kid, Diana loved nature and the outdoors and believed environmental issues were one of the foremost challenges for her generation and our times. As an adult, she pursued this passion through a career in environmental protection. While director of an environmental organization, Diana witnessed the rapid spread of non-native invasive plants that smother gardens, strangle valuable trees and destroy habitat. She knew that traditional removal methods came with their own risks. When Diana discovered goats, she saw an (ad)venture which would manifest her values through tangible action and The Goat Squad was born!